EQRx is committed to developing safe and effective therapies and making them available at radically lower costs. To further that mission, we are focused on conducting and supporting clinical trials of our investigational products in support of regulatory approval – we believe that is the most successful path to providing access to the largest number of patients.

Before a therapy receives regulatory approval, participation in a clinical trial is the most effective way for people to seek access to an investigational medicine, which further supports the advancement of research and potential for regulatory approval. For information on clinical trials, including ones that are enrolling participants, please visit the link here to learn more.

We understand that sometimes an individual may wish to participate in a clinical trial, but may not be eligible to do so, and instead seeks access through a process known as compassionate use or expanded access. A patient’s treating physician may consider the option of a compassionate use or expanded access program to enable access to an investigational medicine prior to regulatory approval, outside of the clinical trial setting.

EQRx has established an expanded access program to help meet these needs where possible.

EQRx considers granting access to investigational medicines outside of a clinical trial using the following criteria:

  • An independent request has been received from the treating physician
  • The individual has a serious or life-threatening disease or condition, and has no other comparable or satisfactory therapeutic options
  • Available information supports that the potential benefit of treatment outweighs the potential risk involved
  • The individual is ineligible for enrollment into, or unable to access, ongoing clinical trials
  • An access program is allowed per local laws and regulations
  • Current supply of the investigational medicine is sufficient and will not jeopardize ongoing research efforts

Contact: For more information about our currently enrolling study, please visit clinicaltrials.gov. To learn more about our expanded access program, please have your treating physician send requests to our medical department at eap@eqrx.com. Our medical department will provide further information, forms and requirements. If you have questions regarding potential participation in an EQRx-sponsored clinical trial, please contact clinicaltrials@eqrx.com.

Response Time: We are committed to acknowledging receipt within five business days.